Dr. Mark Sloan is head of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital in Los Angeles, CA. He also works with the LAPD as a medical consultant, and often finds himself working with his son, who lives beneath him in their two unit beach house at the ocean's edge in Malibu.

Nurse Susan is the love interest to Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter). She is perky and fun. She scuba dives and is very athletic. She stands up to Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke), and knows her way around the hospital. Nurse Susan and Jesse were engaged to be married, but she left him in the last season.

Kim was on for about 2 1/2 seasons. She originally auditioned for 1 line, then was called back when the producers combined 2 nurses to make her part larger. The episode went short, and before she knew it she was in a scene kissing Dr. Travis to fill in the extra time. the show received so much fan mail about that nurse and their relationship that she became a recurring character. During her time on the show, DM received its highest ratings for CBS.

Re-runs of DM can currently be seen on PAX-TV.

Kim's Role:
Nurse Susan Hilliard