Kim's Role: Jane White


“Kim Little (from “Diagnosis Murder”) stars as Jane, an unstable female version of “Being There”’s Chance the Gardener whose life is so wrapped up in television that she imagines the popular Jerry Springer clone “Gerry” (David L. Lander, aka Squiggy on “Laverne and Shirley”) to be her long-lost father. Desperate to rejoin him and leave the orbit of her agoraphobic, overprotective mother (Alley Mills of “The Wonder Years”) she sets out on a quest to become any kind of sideshow freak that could conceivably land a guest spot on “Gerry.” Transvestites, aliens, serial killers and assorted weirdoes of all stripes come and go during the course of Jane’s off-kilter Oz-like journey.”
—Boxoffice Magazine

Comedy, Feature Film, Color
84 Minutes